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The IMPACT App helps you align your portfolio with companies that share your values. Use the app to understand how a firm supports your values, select business practices you want to avoid and build a socially responsible portfolio.

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Select Values

Identify Your Values

Choose the values you find important or very important, such as gender equality or land health.

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Flag Bad Practices

Flag Objectionable Practices

Select the business practices you'd like to avoid, such as weapons manufacturing or animal testing.

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Build a Sustainable Portfolio

Build Your Responsible Portfolio

Buy, sell, and trade with confidence knowing that your investments align with your values.

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Clean AirClean Air
Company TransparencyCompany Transparency
Consumer SafetyConsumer Safety
Ethical LeadershipEthical Leadership
Fair Labor and Thriving CommunitiesFair Labor and Thriving Communities
Gender EqualityGender Equality
Land HealthLand Health
LGBTQ InclusionLGBTQ Inclusion
Mindful Business ModelsMindful Business Models
Ocean LifeOcean Life
Pure WaterPure Water
Racial EqualityRacial Equality
Sustainable Product LifecycleSustainable Product Lifecycle


Align your portfolio with one, several, or all 13 IMPACT Values, which cover the spectrum of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.


Align your portfolio with one, several, or all 13 IMPACT Values, which cover the spectrum of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Clean Air
Clean Air
Company Transparency
Company Transparency
Consumer Safety
Consumer Safety
Ethical Leadership
Ethical Leadership
Fair Labor and Thriving Communities
Fair Labor & Thriving Communities
Gender Equality
Gender Equality
Land Health
Land Health
LGBTQ Inclusion
LGBTQ Inclusion
Mindful Business Models
Mindful Business Models
Ocean Life
Ocean Life
Pure Water
Pure Water
Racial Equality
Racial Equality
Sustainable Product Lifecycle
Sustainable Product Lifecycle
Portfolio Impact Score

Optimise Your
Impact Score

Based on your preferences, IMPACT will show you at a glance how your portfolio aligns with your values. Want to dig deeper? We make it easy to understand where a company aligns (or conflicts) with your beliefs.

Scoring Methodology

Share Your Values

Post your portfolio's IMPACT grade and values you support to social network platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and other platforms. Let your friends and family know how closely your portfolio aligns with the issues you care most deeply about!

Red Flags

At-a-Glance Data on Business Practices

IMPACT lets you know when a company you're considering investing in is involved in business practices you find unacceptable, such as animal testing or unchecked greenhouse emissions. No internet deep-dive required.

Sustainable Investments

Socially Responsible Investing. Simplified.

IMPACT makes it easy to build a portfolio in line with your values by identifying opportunities to invest in companies that fit your socially responsible trading objectives.

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Zero Commissions

Simple Investing, Simple Pricing.

We are simplifying our pricing so you know the cost before you invest. Trade stocks and ETFs in Australia at AUD 6.00 up to a trade value of AUD 7,500. In the US, trade at USD 0.005 per share. No account minimums or platform fees.

Fractional Shares

Buy Stocks
by the Slice

No trade is too small, and no stock is too expensive. With fractional shares, you can invest with as little as USD 1.00, regardless of the price of your stock.

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Swap Investment

Unhappy with an Investment?
Swap it.*

Trade stock you own for stock you'd like in a single tap. Simply select the stocks, swap, and that's it! It's that easy, and only IMPACT has it.

1. Select a Stock You Own

You might choose to get rid of a stock because it conflicts with your values. Begin by selecting that stock from your portfolio.

2. Select the Stock You Want

Next, choose the stock you'd like to swap it for, whether because it better aligns with your values or indicates promising returns.

3. Swap Them

With a tap, you'll sell the stock you owned and buy the equivalent amount of the stock you want.

*Swap functionality is only available for US exchange-listed stocks and ETFs held in the accounts of Interactive Brokers clients who use the IMPACT App.

Worldwide Options Trading

Trade options on 30+ market centers using tools like Options Chain, Option Exercise Tool and the Options Wizard.

Build Single or Multi-Leg Options Strategies2

The Options Chain lets you quickly view and monitor options prices through time. Click a single bid or ask price to load an option in the order entry panel or use the Option Chain window to add multiple single option legs or multi-leg options to a watchlist.

Exercise Options with a Few Taps

The Option Exercise Tool lets you manually exercise American-style options prior to their expiration date if you are in a complex, multi-leg strategy, looking to capture a dividend or for various corporate actions.

Options ChainOptions Chain
Options WizardOptions Wizard

Not sure where to start with options? Use the Options Wizard!

Answer a few questions about your expectations of the future stock price movement, and the Options Wizard will present you with some standard strategies you can filter by aggressiveness, Probability of Profit, Max Gain and more.

Trade Popular US Stocks and ETFs Around the Clock

Capture more market opportunities by trading popular US stocks and ETFs when market-moving news happens, during local market hours or whenever it is convenient for you.

How US Overnight Trading Works

Overnight Trading Hours are from 8:00 pm ET to 3:30 am ET, with the first session beginning on Sunday at 8:00 pm ET and the last session ending on Friday at 3:30 am ET and trades executed between 8:00 pm and 12:00 am will carry a trade date of the following trade day.

All clients with US Stock trading permission will have access to US Overnight Trading and can take advantage of multiple order types and free overnight market data.

For a full listing of the available stocks and ETFs see the exchange listing page here.

Simulated Trading

Try Before You Trade

Not ready to open a real account? No problem. Sign up for simulated trading in seconds and try IMPACT before opening a full brokerage account.

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  1. Learn more about trading fractional shares.
  2. Multiple leg strategies, including spreads, will incur multiple transaction costs.

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